Working long hours to get ahead is getting you nowhere, but a wife that is upset with you, and not enough to pay the bills at the end of the month. You thought that if you just worked longer hours you could get ahead. What you are finding is that you are just being taken advantage of. You have backed yourself into a corner. The more you work, the more they expect you to work. Also, the more you work, the more unhappy your wife, and family become. It seems like forever since they have had your undivided attention. Your goal was to work more to get to a higher place and then to back off. Your plan didn’t work, your children are getting older and you are missing out on so much of their life. Perhaps it is time to switch gears and figure out what is holding you back.

It isn’t the time you are spending, or your dedication to work that is holding you back, it is your lack of education. Sounds ridiculous, you graduated first in your class for your undergraduate degree, but it isn’t enough. Your undergraduate degree isn’t enough to get you ahead. Instead of increasing you amount of time at work, maybe you should take some of that time to earn an advanced degree and get started on really getting ahead.

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