Kaplan University
Kaplan University is a great start to your new career. With so many career paths, and degrees to chose from, advancing your current career, or changing paths is within your reach. Available online, at your own pace, this accredited University remains highly recognized in the job force. Also having campuses available, you can get both the advantage of a classroom setting with the convenience of online learning for those times when making it to a class just isn’t possible. The highest possible integrity, the goal is to maintain their high standards, and to further the careers of those they educate and train.

University of Phoenix
The University of Phoenix is the most reliable, and credible online source for education. Offering both bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees, it maintains its reputation as a institution that demands the highest. Demanding high expectations not only from its faculty, but from its students. It has the advantage of an online school without sacrificing the overall experience and learning in a campus atmosphere. There are faculty to guide and support you from enrolling all the way through graduation. There will never be a better time to further your existing career, or to begin a new one, nor a more convenient learning atmosphere.

Capella University
Capella University is the best of both worlds. It has the high standards and much needed credentials of a higher learning institution with the convenience of online learning. Offering certificates, undergraduate and post graduate degrees, it can help you with all of your career goals. Although online learning, it has all the assistance that you would receive with a campus institution. Offering financial aide, counselors, and faculty who are available to help out. All the convenience of being able to work at your own pace, with all the professionalism to give you the knowledge you need to achieve your career goal’s demands.